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I want so badly for something to happen. Something happy and good and inspiring. Dear Summer time: Come quickly! I wish that I could snap my fingers and Raffi would be here to play a free concert for us all in Sylvester Park. I would wiggle until I dropped!

I just wanted to say that I haven’t forgotten about this project and I am still hoping to hear from more people who are interested in collaborating or interacting with us.

When the sun comes out, so shall the badminton rackets and free lemonade!


Click on this comic strip to enlarge. A big thank you artist Chelsea Baker for drawing our Hot Cocoa Adventure!! I’m so glad that everyone loved it as much as they did. We had such a blast!! More awesome comics by Chelsea can be found at www.chelseathebaker.com so go check it out!! Thanks again!

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who emailed me about the ‘Everything Drive’. Thank you for your items and thank you for caring. I think it is important to give things to the right people, instead of dropping them off at Goodwill, (although I love to shop there…). There are tons of free-closets whose visitors need your things more.

Thank you again, Olympians!

The Everything Drive

Greetings Olympians! I have had very little response in regards to the Everything Drive we dreamed up… so I’m going to change the rules a little bit. If you already have items that you’ve put to the side and wish to donate, send an email to elastic.koala@gmail.com and we’ll let you know what the next step is.

Otherwise, we’re calling this off and turning our focus to a kind of walk-in juggling lesson event…

Donation Sites…

So we’re thinking about collecting donations for Community Youth Services, the Food Bank, possibly the Food Co-Op if anyone is interested, and for the fire department’s efforts to help house-fire victims rebuild their lives.

How’s that sound? Is anyone interested in donating? Anyone tired of waiting and thinking of tossing things or taking their stuff to goodwill instead?

LET US KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. Email me at elastic.koala@gmail.com

We’re planning and ‘Everything Drive’!

Good afternoon, Olympia! Just a quick note to let you know that as of today, we’re planning a food and clothing drive! We’ll also be accepting any other useful items, especially house hold items/toiletries and toys/art supplies for kids!

Let everyone you know in on it! Tell Olympia to start saving their unwanted items… If you don’t drive, we’ll come get it from you ourselves!

Since this idea was just born today, we haven’t pinned down the exact recipients of your good deeds, but off the top of my head I am hoping to help out Community Youth Services, The Olympia Food Bank, and (depending on the turn out of children’s toys and such) I have a number of local daycares in mind.

Due to the fact that I live in Tumwater, I’m hoping to leave a few donation boxes near my house. Mega Foods and Michael T. Simmons Elementary perhaps??

We’re going to get right on the planning, and when we figure out where our drop boxes will be located, we’ll post it right away… but like I said… We have no problem picking up donations LOCALLY for those who are vehicularly challenged 🙂

Hooray! I can’t wait!

Hot Cocoa Night! Over and Done.

Well, I have to start by saying that Hot Cocoa Night was a success! We were almost shut down before we even began when our wagon was compromised, (thought I was going to have to resort to skate boards and rope!!) but my friend came to the rescue and delivered one at nearly the last minute! We went to the West Side with a little-red-wagon, 5 gallons of hot water, 100 cups, and loads of cocoa and cider.

We filled our water at a friend’s house and walked the few blocks to Harrison. We didn’t even make it two whole blocks before all 50 cups were gone! We never really made it off the sidewalk! People loved us.

We hit the spot, we kept them warm, we made them smile, we got strange looks… It was rad. People seemed very surprised that the drinks were FREE. We still made a little bit of money, though we never even asked for it. Thank you! I had such a blast and I can’t wait to do this again. Who cares if it’s Arts Walk? People like cider all year round.

We went downtown to try and get rid of the rest, but it was far less successful… We did run out of cider though, and only have a couple cocoas left. I AM SO GLAD EVERYONE LOVED WHAT WE WERE DOING. THANK YOU FOR NOT REFUSING DRINKS FROM STRANGERS!!!

“You should have been on the flyer!”, one person said… which I didn’t even think of… and the best quote of the night was probably, “What you guys are doing defines what Olympia means…”. We were also asked if we were part of EGYHOP or The Raccoon Collective…


Unfortunately, we only managed to snap two pictures because of camera and picture-taker problems… I was really looking forward to having some pictures taken with the kick-ball group at Garfield, but then the cops came to break it up. Maybe next time?

Thanks again, Olympia!